Ashton, Algernon Bennet Langton


English composer. A son of Charles Ashton, who was the principal tenor singer of the Cathedrals of Lincoln and Durham. The boy showed musical talent early and began studying at the age of seven under Franz Heinig, later working with Iwan Knorr. Went to Leipsic in 1863 and remained there seventeen years, studying in the Conservatory, under Reinecke, Richter, Jadassphn and others. In 1879, when leaving the Conservatory, he won the prize for composition. From 1880 to 1881, he studied with Joachim Raff at Frankfort. Settled in London in 1882, where he has since lived. In 1885 he was appointed professor of the piano at the Royal College of Music. Ashton has published about one hundred and forty-five works, including three trios; two quartets and two quintets; ten sonatas for various instruments; a great many single piano pieces and songs; also pieces for the organ, violin and violoncello. Mr. Ashton is rather unique in his recreations, which comprise among other things, writing letters to the press, over five hundred of these having been published, and restoring and repairing the graves of distinguished persons.