Ashe, Andrew

About 1759-1838

A celebrated Irish flute-player, for several years conductor of the concerts at Bath, England. He was born at Lisburn, Ireland, about 1759. Became a protege of Count Bentinck, with whom he traveled extensively, his education being completed in Holland. Showing considerable musical talent and having a passion for music, he studied the violin and obtained a general knowledge of wind instruments. In time he became a very proficient flute-player, and was principal flute at the opera house in Brussels. He appeared successfully in Dublin and London, and for a period held the post of principal flute at the Italian Opera, London. He was married, in 1799, to Miss Comer, who as Mrs. Ashe became the chief singer at the Bath concerts, which Ashe conducted from 1810 to 1822. After his retirement he settled in Dublin, and died in that city.