Arthur, Alfred


Born near Pittsburg, Pa. Studied in Boston at the Music School, under Howard, B. F. Baker, Arbuckle and Bowen and later was a pupil of Julius Eichberg at the Boston Conservatory of Music. In 1871, he settled in Cleveland, Ohio, as leader of the Germania Orchestra and chorister of Trinity Church. Since 1878, he has been leader of the Bach choir at the Woodland Avenue Presbyterian church, which is considered one of the best chorus choirs in the United States, and he is also conductor of the Cleveland Vocal Society and director of the Cleveland School of Music. Arthur has composed three operas, The Water-carrier, The Roundheads and Cavaliers, and Adeline; church music; pieces for the piano and songs. His best known songs are Memory's Dream; Song of the Opal; and Tell it, Silverthroat. He also published Progressive Vocal Studies, Album of Vocal Studies, Seventy Lessons in Voice Training, and Vocal Technique.