Arnold, Johann Gottfried


German violoncellist and composer, who wrote for the violoncello, piano, flute and other instruments. He was a native of Würtemberg, and son of the schoolmaster of Niedernhall. Showed such devotion to music and so much ability that he was apprenticed by his father, to the music-director, in the town of Künzelsau. He came under this rigorous master at the age of eleven and remained with him until he was sixteen. He entered into a brief engagement at Wertheim, and later made concert tours in Germany and Switzerland, the while devoting himself to study with untiring zeal. He enjoyed the instruction of Willmann and Bernard Romberg. He became first violinist of the  theatre in Frankfort in 1798, and in that city won an enviable reputation, both as player and teacher. He was able to give considerable time to composition. But his career came to an untimely close. He died when he was only thirty-three years old, his health undermined, it is thought, by too arduous work in his youth.