Armes, Philip


Contemporary English organist, lecturer and composer. He was born at Norwich, began his musical career as chorister in the cathedral there, a pupil of Dr. Zechariah Buck, and later was solo singer in the Cathedral choir at Rochester, where he also studied the organ. He has held the post of organist at Trinity Church, Milton, Gravesend, at St. Andrew's, London, and at Chichester Cathedral. Since 1862, has been organist of Durham Cathedral and since 1897 has held the office of Professor of Music at the University of Durham. He has written considerable church music, and is author of the madrigal, Victoria, that gained the Madrigal Society's first prize in 1897. He took the degree of Doctor of Music at Oxford, and from Durham has the honorary degree of Doctor of Music, instituted in the University of Durham examinations for musical degrees. Dr. Armes has been very successful as a lecturer.