Arditi, Luigi


Italian composer and fine opera conductor. He began his musical career as a violinist. Studied music at the Conservatory of Milan. He made his debut as a director at Vercelli, in 1843 and was made an honorary member of the Philharmonic Academy there. Conducted opera throughout Italy and in Havana in 1846. Visited America, where he remained conducting opera in New York, Philadelphia and other cities, until 1856. After a visit to Constantinople, he settled in London, but made several trips later to America with the Royal Italian Opera Company. He also conducted in Germany, in St. Petersburg, in Vienna and Madrid. After 1885, he was in England, conducting at Covent Garden and other theatres. His best operas are I Briganti; II Corsaro; and La Spia. He also wrote numerous songs and vocal waltzes, the most popular of which are, II Bacio; L' Arditi; and Le Tortorelle. He died at Brighton, England, in 1903.