Andre, Johann Anton


Third son of the preceding. Showed great talent for music as a small child and became a fine pianist and violinist, as well as a composer. He entered the University of Jena, where he completed the course of study and upon the death of his father, in 1799, he took entire control of the music publishing business. He visited Vienna and acquired the right to the entire musical remains of Mozart, afterwards publishing a thematic catalog of that master's works. Andre cultivated every branch of composition, including songs, operas and symphonies, and was as well, a distinguished teacher. He also wrote largely on harmony, counterpoint and composition. His principal works were Lehrbuch der Tonsetzkunst, planned to consist of six volumes, only two of which were finished, and his Introduction to the Violin. Four of his sons and two grandsons also turned their attention to music; the grandsons, Carl and Adolph, taking charge of the music publishing business in 1880 and becoming sole proprietors in 1887 on the death of their father, Johann August Andre.