Aiblinger, Johann Kaspar


German composer, director and music collector, esteemed as a writer of church music. Wasserburg, Bavaria, was his native place and he died in Munich. He began the study of music in Munich, pursued the subject at Vicenza, Italy, for a number of years and settling in Vienna, founded in conjunction with the Abbe Trentino, the Odeon, its aim being the cultivation of classical vocal music. In 1819 he was called back to his own country, and for a period was director of Italian Opera in Munich, in 1823 becoming Court director. He reirned to Italy in 1833 and resided at Jergamo, giving his attention to collecting ancient classical music. This Election is now in the Staatsbibliothek at Munich. Aiblinger was the author of ballets; an opera, Rodrigo e Chimene; and of much church music, masses, litanies, psalms, requiems and offertories. Riemann records that his church music was famous but his stage work much less successful.