Abert, Johann Joseph


Bohemian orchestral and operatic composer. Received his first musical instruction in the choir of the church at Gastdorf. At the age of eight, he entered the Augustine convent at Leipa, where he stayed until he was fifteen, when he ran away to Prague and became a pupil in the Conservatory there, studying with Tomaczek and Kittl. He studied doublebass first, and the works which he wrote for this instrument are very fine. In 1852 he became contrabassist in the Court Orchestra at Stuttgart and the next year produced his first symphony in C minor. His first opera, Anna von Landskron, was written in 1859, after which he lived in Paris and London for several years. In 1865 he was appointed Royal Music director at Stuttgart and in 1867 Royal Orchestra conductor at the Court Theatre. Is best known by his orchestral transcriptions of Bach's organ fugues. He also wrote overtures and operas. In 1877 he was appointed music director and conductor at the Stuttgart Court Theatre. His best known work is a five act opera, Ekkehard.