Volkmann, Friedrich Robert



Celebrated composer, both vocal and instrumental; born at Lommatzsch, in Saxony. His father, cantor and schoolmaster of the town, taught him the principles of music. Later he studied violin and cello at Freiberg. In 1836 he went to Leipsic. Here he became acquainted with R. Schumann, who greatly encouraged him. Three years later he went to Prague, where he took up teaching and composition, in 1842 going to Budapest. He spent the years 1854 to 1858 in Vienna, but returned to Pesth, where he remained until his death. He held there the position of professor of harmony and counterpoint at the  Landes-Musikakademie. His compositions are numerous, among them two symphonies; six string quartets; concerto for cello; rhapsody; arrangements of Mozart's and Schubert's songs; songs for mezzosoprano with piano and violoncello; choruses; and sacred songs.