Vogrich, Max



Pianist; born at Szeben, Transylvania. His instruction on piano began at the early age of five, and two years later he appeared in public. From 1866 to 1869 he studied at the Leipsic Conservatory under Wenzel and Moscheles for piano, under Hauptmann and Richter for piano and composition. During 1870 and 1878 he traveled, giving concerts throughout the countries of Europe and some in South America. In 1878 he gave a series of concerts in New York, then with Wilhelmj toured the United States and went to Australia. He lived in Sidney from 1882 to 1886, when he returned to New York, where he has since lived. He makes frequent trips to Europe, where he produces his works. His compositions include the operas Vanda, Lanzelot, King Arthur, Buddha, and their librettos; the oratorio, The Captivity; the cantatas The Diver, and The Young King and the Shepherdess; two symphonies; violin concerto; piano concerto; twelve concert studies lor piano; a cycle, fugue and sonatinas for piano.