Vogel, Johann Christoph



Born at Nuremberg. He first studied at Ratisbon under Riepel, going to Paris in 1776. He became an enthusiastic admirer of Gluck's works and strove to follow his style. He had great difficulty in getting his first opera, La Toison d'Or, produced, but it made a great success. His next opera, Demophpn, was even better, but he did not live to see it produced. His early death is attributed to his irregular living. The overture to Demophon is a fine orchestral work, and the best of his compositions show unusual talent and solid learning. Other works are three orchestral symphonies; two concertantes for two horns and one for oboe and bassoon; six quartets for horn and strings; six trios for two violins and bass; three clarinet concertos; a concerto for bassoon, and six bassoon duets.