Vogel, Emil



Born at Wriezen-on-Oder. After his term in the army was completed he attended the Berlin University and that at Greifswald to study philosophy, supporting himself in the meanwhile by teaching music. While in Berlin he became interested, through Philipp Spitta, in the study of the history of music. In 1883 he was sent to Italy by the Prussian government as assistant to Haberl, the well-known investigator of Palestrina's works. Returning, he graduated as Doctor of Philosophy in 1887 at Berlin University. In 1893 he was appointed librarian 9f the Musikbibliothek Peters in Leipsic which position he still holds. Among his writings first published in the Vierteljahrsschrift fur Musikwissenschaft is a monograph on Claudio Monteverde and one on Marco da Gagliano and Florentine musical life from 1570 to 1650. He also published a valuable catalogue, Die Handschriften nebst den alteren Druckwerken der Musikabteilung der herzoglichen Bibliothek zu Wolfenbuttel, and in 1892 the two comprehensive volumes Bibliothek der gedruckten weltlichen Vocalmusik Italiens aus den Jahren 1500-1700.