Villoteau, Guillaume André



French writer on music; born at Belleme, in the Department of the Orne. At an early age he became a choir-boy at Le Mans Cathedral; later tenor there, at La Rochelle and other places, finally at Notre Dame, Paris. During the Revolution he sang at the Opera. He studied philosophy at Sorbonne and wrote a number of essays. Through these he became known, and was appointed one of the commission of scientists which accompanied Napoleon's army to Egypt to collect material on the music of the Oriental peoples. He compiled a valuable work which was published under the title of Descriptions de 1'figypte. This work took seventeen years to publish. He also published a theoretical work, the Memoire sur U Possibilit* et 1'Utilite d'une Theorie Exacte des Principes Naturels de la Musique. Another work in four parts is entitled Recherches sur 1'analogie de la Musique ayec les Arts qui ont pour objet limitation du langage. He died in Paris.