Varncy, Pierre Joseph Alphonse



Born in Paris. He received his musical education at the Conservatory, where he studied violin. Reicha was his instructor in composition. He spent the years 1832 to 1835 there, then went to Ghent as leader of orchestra, later holding similar positions at The Hague and Rouen. In 1862 he had charge of the orchestra of the Bouffes Parisiens, three years later going to Bordeaux. There, besides his position in the Grand Theatre, he was leader and president of the Saint Cecilia Society. He returned to Paris in 1878, where he died the next year. Among his composi- tions are seven one-act operettas composed for the Bouffes Parisiens. His fame lies in the song, Mourir pour la Patrie, which was popular among the Girondins during the revolution of 1848.