Van Cleve, John Smith



American musician; born in Maysville, Ky., who has been blind since the age of nine. In 1862 he was sent to the Institute for the Blind at Columbus, where he studied for five years. His further education was obtained from the Woodward High School, Cincinnati, Delaware University and Boston University. From 1872  to 1875 he taught music in the Institute for the Blind at Columbus and then for four years in the Institute at Janesville, Wis. In 1879 he became musical critic of the Cincinnati Commercial and later of the New Journal. He has also devoted much time to teaching. He has given many recitals throughout the country and has gained a reputation for marked ability. His affliction only renders his ear the more keen. He removed to Chicago in 1897, where he led an active life. He now lives in Troy, Ohio, and is still heard as a lecturer and writer. Chief among his articles are Musical Memory, Its Nature and Importance in Education.