Valleria, Alwina



Brilliant singer, whose successes were made mostly in the light works of the lyric stage. Born in Baltimore, she received her musical education in London, first at the Royal Academy of Music, and later continuing her singing under Ardita. She made her debut in 1871, immediately after which she was engaged for Italian Opera at St. Petersburg. After singing engagements in Germany and at Milan she returned to London, singing for several years at Her Majesty's, and from 1879 to 1882 at Covent Garden. She was married in 1877 to Mr. R. H. P. Hutchinson. She sang at Manchester for the first time in oratorio in 1882 in the Messiah. For the seasons from 1882 to 1886 she sang with the Carl Rosa Company, and created the principal parts of Nadeschda and The Troubadour. Her voice extends from B flat below the line to D in alt, is flexible, quite powerful and very pleasing.