Turner, William



Church singer and composer; was son of the cook of Pembroke College, Oxford. His muscal training began as a chorister of Christ's Church, Oxford, under Edward Lowe, then he entered the choir of the Chapel Royal under Captain Henry Cooke, in which position, in collaboration with Pelham Humphrey and John Blow, he composed the Club Anthem. His voice became a fine counter-tenor and he was admitted into the choir of Lincoln Cathedral, becoming gentleman of the Chapel Royal in 1669, and later vicar choral of St. Paul's Cathedral and lay vicar of Westminster Abbey. He received the degree of Doctor of Music in 1696. He died at his home in Westminster when eighty-eight years old, and was buried in the cloister of Westminster Abbey. He composed some admirable church music: two services; six anthems; eight anthems now at Ely Cathedral; many others now  at Westminster Abbey, and others in various printed collections of the times.