Turner, Alfred Dudley



One of the most successful teachers in the New England Conservatory of Music; born at St. Albans, Maine. He was a pupil at the Conservatory of James Cutler Dunn Parker and Mme. Madeline Schiller. He taught at the Boston College of Music until his death, and by his earnestness and carefulness accomplished great results with his pupils. He appeared a few times as a concert pianist in Boston, but devoted most all of his time to pedagogical work. His compositions are not especially important, but his octave studies hold a high place in American didactic writings. Among his compositions are sonate dramatique for piano; sonata for piano and violoncello; sonata in D minor for piano and violin; sonata in C minor for piano and violin; mazurkas; romances; nocturnes; preludes and etudes for piano. He died at St. Albans when only thirty-three years old.