Tua, Teresina Maria Felicita



Italian violinist of great ability; born at Turin. Her first instruction was received from her father, under whom she learned so rapidly that she appeared in public when only seven years old. During her first tour she played at Nice, and there gained the interest of Madam Rosen, a wealthy Russian, who was instrumental in sending her to Paris, where she studied at the Conservatory under Massart, and in 1880 received a first prize. In 1881 she made a tour through France, Spain and Italy, going to Vienna in 1882, and appearing at the Crystal Palace in London in May, 1883. She played in America during 1887. About 1891 she was married to Count Franchi Verney della Valletta, a distinguished Italian critic,  and retired from the stage, although she was frequently heard in concerts in Italy. In 1895 she made a successful tour of Europe, and in 1897 played in concert in St. James' Hall in London, and was enthusiastically received. In the spring of 1899 she played in Italy. Her playing was exquisite in its refinement and delicacy, and in the beauty of phrasing. Her tone was not large, but her expression was excellent and she had admirable powers of execution. On her reappearance in 1895 it was discovered that her technique was as masterly as ever and that her playing had gained greatly in breadth during her retirement.