Thurner, Friedrich Eugen



Oboe virtuoso; born at Mompelgard, Würtemberg; after  studying under Ramm in Munich, lived for a while at Offenbach, and in 1805 joined the orchestra of the Duke of Brunswick. Two years later he entered the service of King of Cassel, and in 1813 he began to make extensive tours of Germany, playing at Frankfort under Spohr, and going to Holland in  1818. Owing to frequent attacks of insanity he was placed in an asylum in Amsterdam, where he died. He published several compositions, among them sonata for horn and piano; three symphonies; four concertos for oboe; overture; trio for oboe and two horns; four quartets for oboe and strings; duos for oboe and piano; rondos and divertissements for oboe with string quartet.