Thorndike, Herbert Eliot



Bass-singer of unusual ability; born at Liverpool, England. He received Ms general education at Woolwich Academy and Cambridge, but even while in the University manifested his musical ability by gaining first barytone prize at the Crystal Palace National Music Meeting in 1873. He went to Milan and studied singing with Francesco Lamperti for four years, and on his return to England took up oratorio and singing in English with C. H. Deacon and Albert Randegger. He made his debut at the Cambridge University Musical Society in 1878, and since then has been heard in concerts of the Bach Choir and the Popular concerts, and has sung at Norwich Festival. He appeared at Drury Lane during 1887 in Herve's Frivoli. His voice is a bass of unusual compass, which he manages excellently. To him we owe the introduction to the English public of Schubert's Wehmuth and Waldesnacht.