Tanejiff, Sergei



Pianist and composer; a pupil of Nicholas Rubinstein and Tschaikowsky; born in Russia. Lived in Paris as a pianist; then in Moscow, where he became a member of the faculty at the Moscow Conservatory. For a time he was director, but now devotes all his time to teaching, composition and theory. His best known work is Oresteia, a trilogy in eight tableaux, taken from the tragedies of  Eschylus. Other compositions are an operetta, The Vengeance of Cupid; several choruses; several string quartets, and a symphony. As a pianist his work is excellent, having much power and sincerity. His composition is dignified and noble but rather too heavy in effect to be always pleasing and somewhat lacking definite individuality. His works are four quartets for violins and violoncello; overture to Orestes trilogy from  Eschylus for orchestra; From Land to Land, From Place to Place; First symphony for grand orchestra; two quintets for violins and cellos; two hymns for mixed choir a cappella; ten melodies; two vocal duets; quartet in E flat for piano, violins and cello; entr'acte to the musical trilogy to Orestes.