Speidel, Wilhelm



Piano virtuoso and teacher; born at Ulm, Bavaria. His father, Konrad Speidel, conductor of the Ulmer Liederkranz, gave him his first instruction. He then went to Munich, where he studied composition with Lachner and piano of Wilhelm Kuhe and Wanner. After teaching about two years at Thann, in Alsace, he settled in Munich, appearing frequently in concert in all the German cities. In 1854 he went to Ulm as director of the Liederkranz. In 1857, with Lebert, Stark and other musicians, he founded the Conservatory at Stuttgart, where he was professor of piano until 1874, when he founded a private school of his own called Künstler-und Dilettanten-schule fur Klavier. In 1884 he merged his own school into the Conservatory, where he taught. He made editions of Mendelssohn's piano-music, and of Haydn's and Mozart's sonatas, besides composing a sonata for violoncello; trios for piano and strings; two sonatas and other music for the piano; a violin sonata; Volker's Schwanenlied for male chorus; spirit chorus from Faust for male chorus and orchestra; overture and intermezzo to King Helge; and Wikinger Ausfahrt.