Soubre, Etienne Joseph



Instrumental and vocal composer, who was born at Liege, Belgium. Was a pupil at the Conservatory in that city, studying piano with Jalhaut and harmony and counterpoint with Daussoigne-Mehul, winning the first prizes in harmony and counterpoint, and in 1841 the competition prize instituted by the government. Soubre was conductor of a male choral society at Liege in 1838, and in 1844 was appointed conductor of the Philharmonic Society and of the Reunionrique at Brussels, and from 1862 until his death was director of the Liege Conservatory. He also traveled extensively through Italy and Germany. Soubre composed an opera, Ispline; a symphony, which gained a prize in 1854; a Requiem; a Stabat Mater; an Ave Maria; hymns; female choruses; overtures and several male choruses with orchestra.