Soubies, Albert



Musical historiographer and critic. Was born in Paris, and after studying harmony and counterpoint at the Conservatory there, with Savard and Bazin, revived in 1874 the famous old Almanach des spectacles, known as the Almanach Duchesne, and up to 1898 had published twenty-six volumes, for which the French Academy gave him a prize in 1893. From 1876 Soubies acted as musical critic of Le Soir and also contributed articles to Le Menestrel and other musical papers. He was an officer of public instruction and an officer of the French Legion of Honor and also of the Russian Stanislas Order. He is the author of a history of Russian and German music in two volumes, a history of Portuguese, Hungarian and Bohemian music in three volumes; a history of the Comedie Franchise from 1825 to 1894; a history of the Opera Comique and other works.