Schumann, Robert Alexander

He made a critical review of all the representative examples of the various musical forms, which was valuable in his own development as well as to his readers. Nowhere was his true generosity and charitableness shown so strikingly as in his treatment of Mendelssohn, whose works he praised and upheld so warmly without any reciprocation, and whom he refused to believe insincere toward himself, even when told so by others. After his retirement from the  editorship of the Neue Zeitschrift his adherents and those of Mendelssohn formed parties antagonistic to each other; but with this t Schumann himself would have nothing to do.

But it is ever as a composer that Schumann will be remembered. While his more involved works appeal more to the cultivated musician, and for years he was not fully appreciated in his own country, he grows more and more in favor with all classes of music-lovers.