Reisenauer, Alfred



Celebrated German pianist; born at Konigsberg; was a pupil of his mother and also of Louis Kohler, and, from his eleventh year, of Liszt, with whom he spent his summer vacations at Weimar. He made his debut in 1881, at a public concert in Rome, and soon afterward set out on a concert tour, including London, Berlin and Leipsic. He studied law for a year or two, and then again took up music. Liszt was instrumental in his securing the position of a teacher in the Sondershausen Conservatory, where he met Felix Weingartner, who wielded an important influence over him. About 1886 his concert travels were resumed, embracing Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, England, Russia, and even to Siberia, China and Persia. He published songs, or Wanderlieder, his only compositions. "A more captivating and brilliant Liszt player,'* says Huneker, " has been seldom seen and heard." "With the exception of Walter Bache and Arthur Friedheim," says Reisenauer's friend, Carl Lachmund, in an obituary tribute, "no other of the pupils of Liszt was so thoroughly familiar with the master's life and compositions." Lachmund goes on to say that in sight-reading Reisenauer exhibited a readiness equaled only by Eugen D'Albert, and a most unusual repose and ease. Reisenauer's death occurred at Libau, Silesia.