Redhead, Richard



English organist and composer. A pupil of Vicary, the organist. From 1839 to 1864 he was organist of Margaret Chapel, now known as All Saints' Church, London, and later became organist of St. Mary Magdalene's Church, Paddington. He set the Psalms and Canticles to the Gregorian tones, under the name of Laudes Diurnae, considered his best work. He was also organist of St. Andrew's, laying the foundation of the choral service subsequently used there. His compositions are almost without exception for the Episcopal Church service, and include a selection of chants; responses; Laudes Diurnae, the Psalter and Canticles with Morning and Evening service; the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, with Litany and Proper Psalms; Proper Psalms, together with the Gospel Canticles set to Ancient Psalm Tunes; Metrical Litanies; music for the Office of the Holy Communion; O, My People, an anthem for Good Friday; numerous other collections of hymns and services, and anthems; also The Universal Organist, a collection of Short Classical and Modern Pieces, in five volumes. He edited the Cathedral and Church Choir Book. He was the composer of the familiar setting of the hymn, Rock of Ages. He died at Hellingly, Sussex.