Radoux, Jean Theodore



Dramatic composer; born at Liege, son of an artisan, received his first lessons in music from his father, and later became a pupil of DaussoigneMehul in counterpoint and fugue, and Bacha in bassoon, at the Conservatory, where on the latter's death in 1856, he succeeded him as teacher of the bassoon. In the same year he won the first prize for piano-playing. In 1857 Ms Te Deum was performed at the Liege Cathedral, and two years later his cantata, Le Juif errant, won the Grand Prize of Rome, at Brussels. This enabled him to study in Paris under Halevy, and in 1872 he became director of the Liege Conservatory. In 1877 the order of Leopold was conferred upon him. He was a prolific composer of works which are held in estimation in his own country. They include the comic operas Le Bearnais and La coupe enchantee, an oratorio, The Daughter of Jephthah, Le Printemps, two symphonic tone-pictures, and Ahasuerus; The Feast of Balthasar; a symphonic overture, Epopee nationale; other national hymns and symphonies; church-music, male choruses, and songs; songs without words and other music for piano.