Prumier, Antoine



French harpist, composer and teacher. Born and died at Paris. His mother taught him the harp, and later he studied harmony under Catel at the Conservatory, winning second prize in 1812. He was then obliged to go to the Ecole polytechnique, a military school, but in 1815 returned to the Conservatory as a pupil of Eler in counterpoint. His studies finished, he became harpist of the orchestra at the Theatre des Italiens. In 1835 he changed to the Opera Comique, where his son succeeded him in 1840. From 1835 until 1867, when he was pensioned, he taught at the Conservatory. He received the cross of the Legion of Honor in 1845, and for seventeen years was president of the Association des artistes musiciens. His published works include some hundred fantaisies, rondos, and airs with variations for the harp. J