Prume, François Herbert



Talented Belgian violinist; son of the village organist; born and died at Stavelot. He played the violin when about three years old, and at five began to study under Malmedy. From 1827 to 1830 he was a pupil of the then new Liege Conservatory, where, after two years of study under Habeneck at the Paris Conservatory, he became professor of violin, though but seventeen years old. In 1839 he made a tour through Germany, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, later giving concerts in Holland and his own country, and again in Germany, where he received the honorary title of concertmaster. He appeared at Paris in 1844, but was summoned back to the Liege Conservatory to become head of the violin department. For the last few years of his life he was totally blind. His compositions comprise six violin studies; grand polonaise; a concerto, for violin and orchestra; and a few concert-pieces, La Melancolie, a romantic piece for violin and orchestra or piano, being especially popular.