Preyer, Gottfried



Austrian conductor, organist and composer; born at Hausbrunn. He studied at Vienna under Sechter from 1828 to 1834, and the next year became organist of the Reformed Church. In 1844 he was appointed assistant chapelmaster of the court. In 1844 he also was made director of the Conservatorium fur der Musikfreunde, where he taught harmony and counterpoint and conducted the concerts. In 1846 he became Court organist, and after 1853 was chapelmaster of St. Stephen's. In 1876 he was pensioned as vice Court chapelmaster. He died at Vienna. Works: The operas, Walladmor; Freimannshohle, and Amaranth; the oratorio, Noah; a number of masses; a requiem; Te Deum; hymns for the Greek Catholic Church, in three books, and other churchmusic; a symphony; string quartet; three festival marches for military band; songs; and organ and pianomusic.