Prager, Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm



German pianist, teacher, composer, and writer; born at Leipsic. His father was a violinist and composer, and Ferdinand early showed musical ability. He played the cello at nine years of age, but Hummel advised him to turn to the piano, and after studying under him and Pape he set up as a teacher at The Hague, though only sixteen years old. In 1834 he went to London and spent the rest of his life there, highly esteemed as a teacher. In 1842 Schumann appointed him London correspondent to the Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik. He was a staunch Wagnerite and through his influence Wagner conducted the Philharmonic concerts at London in 1855. His works include an overture, Abellino; a piano trio; and a symphonic prelude to Manfred. A collection of his piano-pieces, Prager Album, was published at Leipsic. His book, Wagner as I Knew Him, was published in 1885, and republished in 1892, despite contentions and criticisms. To him is also due the translation of Naumann's History of Music.