Poise, Jean Alexandre Ferdinand



French operatic composer; born at Nimes. He studied at the Paris Conservatory under Adam and Zimmermann and won the second Grand Prize of Rome, in 1852. His music flows easily and melodiously and has won popularity. His first opera, Bonsoir, voisin, was played for a hundred nights at the Theatre Lyrique, in 1853. Les Deux Billets; La Surprise de 1'Amour; and L'Amour Medecin, are among his best. He is also the author of Les Charmeurs; Le The de Polichinelle; Le Roi Don Pedre; Le Jardinier Galant; Les Absents; Corricolo; Les Trois Souhaits; Joli Gilles, and Medecin Malgre Lui, his last, played in 1887; and some fourpart music. His opera, Carmosine, has not been given. His oratorio, Cecilie, was performed in 1888. He died at Paris.