Pischek, Johann Baptist



Bohemian barytone singer; born at Melnick. In 1835 he made his debut "in Prague. Later appeared at Brünn, Presburg, Vienna and Frankfort. He sang in London with great success, especially in ballad, and introduced Lindpainter's Standard Bearer into England, as well as numerous Bother excellent songs. Sang Elijah in the Birmingham Festival of 1849, and took part in the concert of the New Philharmonic, in 1853. He was a favorite in all the principal towns of Germany, particularly in Frankfort, where he sang every year up to 1848. From 1844 to 1863 he was Court singer to the King of Wurtemburg at Stuttgart. His repertory included operas and songs by Beethoven, Donizetti, Herold Mozart and Weber.