Muzio, Emanuele



Singing-teacher and writer of operas; born at Zibello, Parma. He was a choir-boy of the Cathedral of Busseto, studied singing under Provesi, piano of Margherita Barezzi, and composition with Verdi, of whose operas  he arranged the piano scores. In 1852 he conducted the Italian Opera in Brussels, and in 1858 he conducted at Her Majesty's in London, and later in New York at the Academy of Music. Later he conducted at Venice, Barcelona and Cairo, and in 1876 at the Italian Theatre in Paris. He settled in Paris in 1875 and began to teach singing. Among his pupils have been Adelina and Carlotta Patti and Clara Louise Kellogg. His operas are Giovanni la pazza; Claudia; Le due Regine; and La Sorrentina. Besides these he has written many songs and piano-pieces.