Musiol, Robert Paul Johann



Cpmposer and writer on musical subjects; born at Breslau. After studying at the Seminary at Liebenthal, Silesia, he became teacher and cantor at Rohrsdorf, near Fraustadt, Posen, in 1873, and was pensioned in 1891. He wrote for various musical periodicals and published Catechismus der Musikgeschichte; Musikalisches Frendworterbuch; Wilhelm Forster and Theodor Korner, und seine Beziehung zur Musik. He was editor of Tonger's Conversations-Lexikon der Tonkunst and Musikerlexikon, and also to the tenth edition of Musikalisches Conversations-Lexikon by Schuberth. As a composer he has written songs, male part-songs and pieces for piano and organ.