Musin, Ovide



Violinist and teacher; born at Nandrin, near Liege, Belgium. When only seven years old he entered the Liege Conservatory, where he studied under Heyneberg, and later under Henri Leonard, and at the age of eleven took the first prize for violinplaying. When Leonard removed to Paris Conservatory, Musin followed him, and there at the age of fourteen took the gold medal offered for solo and quartet playing on the violin. In 1869 he made his debut, and after touring France, visited Holland in 1875. He made a prolonged tour under Jarreth, and under Mapleson played in London from 1877 to 1882. In 1888 he played Leopold Damrosch's Concertstücke at Princess Hall, London, under the conductorship of Walter Damrosch. He made a tour of the world, from which he returned to Liege in 1897. He succeeded Cesar Thomson as professor of advanced violin class at the Conservatory, and now resides in Brussels, spending six months of every year in New York, where he prepares pupils for entrance into Liege Conservatory. He is an exceedingly successful teacher.