Muller - Second Quartet


Muller, Bernhard
Muller, Karl
Muller, Hugo
Muller, Wilhelm

Second Quartet. This second string quartet was made up of the sons of Karl Friedrich, first violin in the original Muller Brothers' Quartet. Bernhard, the eldest, born in 1829, died in 1895; he played the viola. Karl, born in 1829, was known after his marriage as Muller-Berghaus; played the first violin. Hugo, born in 1832, died in 1886; played the second violin. Wilhelm, who was born in 1834, played the cello; died in New York in 1897. For ten years they formed the Court quartet to the Duke of Meiningen; they traveled through Russia, Denmark and France, and in 1866 settled in Rosbeck, where Karl was appointed chapelmaster, and the other brothers members of the orchestra. In 1873 the quartet was dissolved, when Wilhelm became first cellist in the Royal Orchestra and teacher at the Hochschule in Berlin. Karl has lived at Stuttgart and Hamburg, and is known as the composer of an operetta and the cantata, Jeptha's Tochter, and other pieces. This quartet never attained the perfection of the first one, but was favorably known.