Muller, Ivan



Clarinet virtuoso, who made important improvements in his instrument; was born at Revel, Russia. After a successful tour through Germany he went to Paris in 1809 and opened a clarinet factory in which he manufactured clarinets having thirteen keys and the altclarinet, but which failed, owing to the fact that the Conservatory refused to recognize his improvements on the clarinet, although afterward they were generally adopted. In 1820 he left Paris and after going to Russia, Germany, Switzerland and London he was made Court musician at Bückeburg, where he died. He wrote a method for the new thirteen-keyed clarinet and alto clarinet, and the following compositions: Gamme pour La nouvelle clarinet; divertissement for clarinet and orchestra; concertos for clarinet; symphonic concertante for two clarinets;  six concertos for flute; pieces for piano and clarinet; and grand solo for clarinet and orchestra.