Muller - First Quartet


Muller, Karl Friedrich
Muller, Theodore Heinrich Gustav
Muller, August Theodor
Muller, Franz Ferdinand Georg
First Quartet. Four brothers, educated especially as quartet-players by their father  Egidius Muller, Hofmusikus to the Duke of Brunswick. They were all born at Brunswick. Karl Friedrich, born in 1797, was first violin in the quartet and concertmaster to the Duke; died in 1873. Theodor Heinrich Gustav, born in 1799, played viola; died in 1855. August Theodor, who played the cello, was born in 1802 and died in 1875. Franz Ferdinand Georg was born in 1808 and died in 1855; played the second violin in the quartet and was chapelmaster to the Duke. The Duke of Brunswick permitted none of his musicians to play outside his Court, so in 1830 the brothers resigned from his service. In 1831 they gave concerts in Hamburg, and in 1832 in Berlin. In 1833 they made a concert tour of the principal cities of Germany and France, and in 1845 they went as far as Russia, and visited Holland in 1852. They developed the art of quartet-playing to a degree approaching to perfection, and playing little except the works of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart, had a decided effect on the development of music.