Muller, August Eberhard



Composer and performer on the organ, piano and flute; born at Nordheim, Hanover. Received his first musical instruction at Rinteln, where his father was organist. He progressed so rapidly that at the age of eight he had appeared in concert in several cities. In 1785 he went to Leipsic, and spent several years in Brunswick, finally becoming organist at the Church of St. Ulrich at Magdeburg in 1789. In 1794 he became organist of St. Nicholas Church at Leipsic, and in 1800 was appointed assistant to Hiller in the Thomasschule, becoming cantor there on Killer's death in 1804. He moved to Weimar in 1810 and died there in 1817. He was an excellent performer on organ, piano and flute, and left the following compositions: For organ, suites, choral variations and a sonata; for flute, method for flute, eleven concertos, twenty-three duets for two flutes, and a fantasia with orchestra; for piano, an excellent method, a trio for piano and strings, two concertos, two sonatas for violin and piano, cadenzas to Mozart's concertos and sonatas for piano; also some vocal music, an operetta, a sacred cantata, motets and songs.