Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus jr.



Son of the great Mozart, and a pianoplayer and composer of considerable ability; was born in Vienna. He was the pupil of Neukomm, A. Streicher, Albrechtsberger and Salieri and made his first public appearance when fourteen years old, on which occasion he played a concerto of his father's and two compositions of his own, variations on the minuet from Don Juan, and a cantata in honor of Haydn's seventy-third birthday. In 1808 he came under the patronage of Count Bawarowsky of Galicia, and in 1814 he founded the Cecilia Society at Lemberg where he lived many years as a teacher of piano. From there he went to Vienna, then to Karlsbad, in Bohemia, where he died. Among his compositions are two piano concertos; a piano sonata; a piano trip; string quartet; variations; polonaises and other piano compositions; also some violin-music.