Moskowa, Joseph Napoleon Ney, Prince de la



Eldest son of Marshal Ney; a musical writer and composer who contributed greatly to the advancement of music in France. He was born in Paris, and as a child showed great musical ability, composing a mass which was performed at Lucca. He acquired recognition for several articles which he had written for various periodicals, among them the Revue des deux Mondes and the Constitutionnel, and with Adolphe Adarn, he founded the Societe des Concerts de nuisique religieuse et classique, and published for that society a catalog of the works in its fine collection, which catalog is now extremely rare. He was a friend of Delsarte and of the composer Niedermeyer whom he assisted in founding the ficole de musique Religieuse. In 1831 he composed a mass for voices and orchestra which was given by the pupils of Choron's School with great success, and in 1840 he brought out his oneact-opera, Le Cent-Suisse, at the Opera Comique, following it in 1855 by another one-act comic piece entitled Yvonne. Moskowa was also a brigadier-general under Napoleon III. He died in St. Germain-en-Laye.