Morse, Charles Henry



American musical educator and organist; born at Bradford, Massachusetts. He studied at the New England Conservatory of Music, taking harmony of S. A. Emery, organ of George E. Whiting and piano of J. C. D. Parker. In 1876 he was graduated from the Boston University College of Music and the following year was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Music. From 1873 to 1877 he was teacher of organ and piano at the New England Conservatory of Music and from 1875 to 1884 he taught at Wellesley College. In 1885 he founded the Northwestern Conservatory of Music at Minneapolis and directed it until 1891. From 1891 to 1899 he was organist at Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, New York, and in 1901 he took charge of the music at Dartmouth College. Since its beginning he has been vice-president in the Music Department of the Brooklyn Ilnstitute of Arts and Sciences; he has been a trustee of the New England Conservatory  of Music and president of its Alumni Association, and was one of the founders of the American Guild of Organists. He has compiled and arranged many excellent collections of church-music, some of the well-known ones being: Short and Easy Anthems; A March Album; The Contemporary Organist; The Junior Church Organist; The Wellesley Collection for Female Voices; The Plymouth Hymnal; Choral Songs; Christmas Carols; Agnus Dei.