Morgan, George Washbourne



Born in Gloucester, England; was first great concert organist to come to America.   His talents appeared early and it is said that he played a service at the Gloucester Cathedral when only eight years old. In 1834 he sang in the Philharmonic Chorus at Gloucester. He was apprenticed to John Amott, was organist in several churches and in 1845 conductor of the Gloucester Philharmonic concerts. In 1853 he came to New York, where he became organist at St. Thomas' Church, going to Grace Church in 1854 and remaining until 1867, when he left to become organist of St. Ann's Church. Later he was organist at Dr. Talmage's Tabernacle at Brooklyn for fourteen years. He played in Boston in 1859 at Tremont Temple and later had the honor of being the first performer on the new organ in Music Hall. From 1886 to 1888 he was organist at the Dutch Reformed Church in New York. He died in Tacoma, Washington, in 1892. He was a brilliant organist, noted for his pedaling, and was probably the first to play Bach and Beethoven in concert in the United States.