Monte, Fillippo de



Composer of madrigals and church music; born at Mons, or according to some authorities, Mechlin. He published his first book of masses in 1557 in Antwerp, and tradition has it that he knew Lassus and also Orlando, at whose recommendation he became chapelmaster to Maximilian II., in Vienna, in 1568. He served Rudolph in the same capacity in Prague, and became canon and treasurer of the Cathedral of Cambrai. He died in Vienna. Among his many writings are nineteen books of madrigals to five voices; eight books of madrigals to six voices; canzonets and madrigals to seven voices; Madrigali spirituali to five voices; masses to five voices; and mass to six voices; several masses to four and five voices; a Benedicta es; six books of motets to five and six voices; two books of motets to six and twelve voices; some French chansons; and Sonnets de Pierre de Ronsard.