Moniuszko, Stanislaw



Dramatic composer; born in the department of Minsk, Lithuania. He first studied under August Freyer in Warsaw, then went to Berlin, where from 1837 to 1839 he was the pupil of Rugenhagen. He settled in Wilna as teacher and organist in the church of St. John, remaining until 1858 when he became chapelmaster of the Opera in Warsaw, where in 1846 he had produced his first opera, Halka. He later became professor at the Warsaw Conservatory He died at Warsaw in 1872, and twenty years later a branch of the Warsaw Musical Society was organized to publish his manuscript works, and to found a museum. Among his compositions are The Bohemians; Jawnutz; Music for Hamlet; The Paria; The New Don Quixote; The Countess; The Haunted Castle; Betty; The cantatas, Milda, Goddess of Beauty and Viola; a descriptive composition, Night in the Apennines, besides the hymn, Madonna, for solo, chorus and orchestra; a mass; pianopieces and songs.