Monasterio, Jesus de



Eminent Spanish violinist, who was instrumental in developing a knowledge of classical music in Spain; born at Potes in Santander province. From his seventh year he was under royal patronage and was given the best instruction Madrid could furnish. In 1845 he made a debut as a child prodigy, and from 1849 to 1851 he was a pupil of De Beriot at the Brussels Conservatory, returning to Madrid in 1852 and scoring an immediate success. In 1861 he made a successful tour through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and at Weimar he was offered the post of Court chapelmaster, which he declined, preferring to return to his native land. He was professor of violin, and in 1894 became director at the Madrid Conservatory, and he was also Court violinist. He is said to have formed the Quartet Society in Madrid in 1861. He died at Santander. He wrote many successful compositions for violin, among them Adieux a 1'Alhambra, and two ecclesiastical compositions without accompaniment.